Thermaltake Toughram XG RGB 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 3600MHz

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Built with high-quality components, the TOUGHRAM XG RGB features a unique design and 16 LEDs for a more dynamic lighting experience, providing high gaming performance with vivid RGB colors.

Built for High Performance 

Featuring tightly-screened ICs and a unique X-shaped light bar design, the TOUGHRAM XG RGB memory is built for high-stable gaming performance that brings splendid lighting to RGB enthusiasts.


Immersive yourself in all around RGB world and turn it to your own gaming vibe.


Overclock with ease to achieve optimal frequency and accelerate your workflow.


Add extra flair to create unique builds with 16 LEDs.

Tightly-Screened ICs 

Memory chips are thoroughly-screened to provide optimal frequency and response time performance.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

Designed with 2 different colors of aluminum and trimmed with a chrome stripe in the middle, the TOUGHRAM XG RGB provides a fresher look and is in its class of its own.

Geometric Styling with 16 LEDs 

Comprised of 16 high-lumen addressable LEDs, the TOUGHRAM XG shines through with its unique X-shaped light bar that can control 8 lighting zones, delivering a more comprehensive and dynamic lighting experience.

Exclusive TOUGHRAM Software

Monitor real-time temperature, frequency and performance via the simple interface with ease, and create stunning lighting effects with over 25 lighting modes, all included in the TOUGHRAM software. Users can also sync with TT RGB PLUS to maximize unique settings for their RGB color theme.

NeonMaker Light Editing Software

NeonMaker is a new and innovative approach to adjusting RGB lighting on the TOUGHRAM XG RGB this allows users to customize lighting profiles, adjust effects on the timeline and lighting directions. Personalize your TOUGHRAM XG RGB with NeonMaker and orchestrate your very own unique light show!

Immerse yourself with 100’s of Downloadable Profiles by Creators from around the world.


Light up your system with almost limitless possibilities and synchronize your TT RGB PLUS compatible products (CPU/VGA water blocks, AIO CPU coolers, PSUs, LED strips, gaming keyboards, headsets, mice and mouse pads) to create a RGB ecosystem that is truly unique to you.

Please note: * The TOUGHRAM XG RGB memory can only be used with either the TT RGB PLUS software or the dedicated Motherboard software. By having more than two applications open may cause conflicts.

TT RGB PLUS Software 

2.0 - New version of Thermaltake’s TT RGB PLUS patented software, providing more lighting effects and PC monitoring functions.

1.0 - Thermaltake’s patented software to synchronize TT RGB PLUS products with addressable LEDs.

Caution: TT RGB PLUS 2.0 and TT RGB PLUS 1.0 will overwrite one another; users can only install one version of TT RGB PLUS.


NeonMaker is the new advanced editing software for RGB lighting customization.

TT AI Voice Control 

Give you full control over the TT RGB PLUS products with your voice. “SyncALL, Say”Hello TT”.

Thermaltake ARTT App 

ARTT App allows users to demonstrate TT product details through AR technology.

Works with Amazon Alexa 

All Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS products support Amazon Alexa Voice Service, allowing you to give voice commands to the Alexa-enabled devices.

Sync with Razer Chroma Lighting 

All Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS products are able to connect into the Razer Chroma ecosystem, Razer Synapse 3. Users can experience synchronized gaming and RGB lighting effects on their TT RGB PLUS liquid cooling system and Razer gaming gear!

Note: TT AI Voice control, Razer Chroma and Amazon Alexa requires the use of at least one TT RGB PLUS software-enabled product to function.
Click here to view a full compatible list.

Motherboard RGB Sync Ready 

Designed to synchronize with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polychrome. Supports motherboards equipped with 5V addressable RGB header, allowing you to control lighting effects directly from the above-mentioned software without installing any extra lighting software or controllers. For more details, please visit ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and ASRock official websites 

Please note:
* The TOUGHRAM XG RGB memory can only be used with either the TT RGB PLUS software or the dedicated Motherboard software. By having more than two applications open may cause conflicts.
* The motherboard signal connector only supports 5V header.
* Make sure your motherboard software is the latest version.

Intel XMP 2.0 Ready 

Overlock with ease and optimize system stability with a simple setting.

We’ve Got Your Back 

TOUGHRAM XG RGB offers limited lifetime warranty for the RAMs.

*Terms and conditions apply, please click on “learn more” for details.


P/N R016D408GX2-3600C18A
CAPACITY 16GB Kit (8G x2)
TESTED LATENCY 18-20-20-39
VOLTAGE (V) 1.35 V
SPEED 3600 MHz
COMPATIBILITY Intel 500, 400, 300, X299 Series
AMD X570, B550
PACKAGE CONTENT 2 x 8GB memory modules
WARRANTY Limited Lifetime
NOTE *** Features, Price, Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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